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The woman was standing in the middle of her green peas field.  I don’t know how to describe the expression on her face.  Was it sadness, or anger…? Or helplessness? Or was it resignation that goes beyond emotion? I asked … Continue reading

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Whose disaster is it?

History, past and current, is full of stories of lives of individual people, and entire cities and civilizations being shattered within days due to terrorism and war.  But we are now seeing more and more of another kind of destruction … Continue reading

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Stories from the hills

Last month, I did the trip I’ve come to look forward to every year – to Kibber, a village perched 4200m above sea level in the Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh.  The day-long journey to the Spiti valley from Manali … Continue reading

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What’s the problem?

Buffaloes are bad for birds. Shifting cultivation is bad for forests. Everyone agrees these are ‘problems’ that need to be solved.  Cultivators and pastoralists are told to leave the forests, grasslands and wetlands alone.  Everyone waits eagerly for the ‘solutions’ … Continue reading

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